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Raspberry as generic i2s master at 384kHz

2020-09-17 Update: prebuild patched modules are available for moOde.2020-09-30: The patched modules are part of the upcoming moOde 7.0.0 release. In November 2017 the Raspberry Linux kernel is updated to support the 384kHz for the i2s bus. Before that time the stock kernel was limited to 192kHz and the generic i2s master driver rpi-dac still …


This blog mainly intended to document my own projects. And if any is useful for you, is that just a bonus for me.

I focus, but not limited to, on software and hardware projects related to keeping my Amiga 2000 and other retro computers up and running. At least when I’m not busy time tweaking my DIY DDDAC1794 based DAC.